Your contractor for every construction project

We differentiate as a construction contractor by being critical about the needs and demands of the design of our customers. Ofcourse we take into account the consequences for planning. We are always looking for smart alternatives to make the right decisions.

Costeffective construction

It is often possible to save rescources by investing more at the start of a project. For instance by building faster to avoid a stop in production. This makes it possible to rent out a project sooner. On the long term this is more effective in profit than on a basic planning at first.


We take great consideration in building material. We have to right know how to advise you about cost efficient solution with consideration of maintenance costs in the long run. A smart choice for the future.


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Innovation in planning

We implement different innovative solutions to plan our projects as efficient as possible. The result is that our most important aspect of our company, our workforce, is able to handle different projects in a flexible way.


By handling unforseen situations with professional conduct, we are able to complete every project within the set time limit. We can shift our resources in such a way that completion is on time and contracts are met./p>


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Resourceful in logistics

Many of our constrution project take place in high dense urban areas as inner cities. The lack of space there is a challenging factor. We use smart solutions to plan our building sites, to use a minimal amount of space.


Our suppliers are able to deliver their materials in a very flexible way to limit storage area. We also take a lot of effort in the disposal of renewable resources to save on the impact on the environment.


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Sustainable solutions to limit the environmental impact

Next to actual methods and materials we can inform you about new solutions on sustainability. Together with our suppliers and partners we have the same goal in mind: to increase the sustainability of our community. We have gained a lot of experience with alternative construction methods. We would like to share this knowledge with municipalities, housing corporations, designers and all other construction partners. Together we can create new projects with renewable resources and sustainable methods. Only together we can take useful steps to an environmental friendly society.