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The construction sector has undergone numerous developments in recent years. Furthermore, the construction sector is faced with a growing number of laws and regulations. On this page you will find the latest current items that apply within our company.

renovation renova office

Because of the increasing growth within our company and the availability of new materials and techniques it has been decided to renovate our office in Hengelo.


The renovation has started and we are determined to start as soon as possible in our new work environment.


Construction and Covid-19

National governments and the construction and engineering sector have adopted several protocols to ensure that construction work does not come to a standstill and that employees can work safely. The protocol follows the guidelines and is supported by unions and trade associations./p>

Nitrogen solutions

For small-scale construction projects, projects that only temporarily emit nitrogen or are further away from a Natura-2000 area, authorities can again give permission.


The condition is that an ecological assessment shows that the emissions do not affect the Natura-2000 area.